Targeted breeding of winter wheat elite cultivars, improved in yield, pathogen resistance, quality and nutrient effiency by means of the MAGIC-WHEAT population WM-800 (MAGIC-WHEAT)

The MAGIC-WHEAT project aims at a change of paradigm in wheat breeding. In the collaborative effort between the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), the four wheat breeders SW SEED, RAGT.2N, SECOBRA and KWS LOCHOW, and the proWeizen representative GFPi, the newest molecular tools and methods will be applied in order to achieve improved elite inbred cultivars of winter wheat.


Project partner:

  • Martin-Luther-Universität-Halle-Wittenberg

  • SECOBRA Saatzucht GmbH
  • Syngenta Seeds GmbH
  • RAGT.2N
  • Gemeinschaft zur Förderung von Pflanzeninnovation e. V. (GFPi), Forschungs- und Züchtungsallianz proWeizen



Bildquelle: W. Sannemann (Uni Halle)